S.B.R. with Fizz (serious botanical research)

This morning we set off on a field trip to photograph the Rumex acetosa. A Sorrel that I have never photographed before. I saw it in the field a few days ago but at the time it was much too blowy for photography, it is much calmer today.

Fizz is accompanying me but this isn’t going to be her proper walk, this is work. The hard, hard work of the botanist.

We have to go past the sheep so we will stop and say hello, I have made them some sandwiches. The sheep are completely under my spell now. I don’t have to offer them anything, they come running when I call them. This makes handling the animals so easy, who needs a sheepdog? So it is worth Β keeping this relationship going.

This is quite dangerous work, they could easily knock me over, especially when Fizz wraps her lead around my ankles (She is trying to snatch the bread from the sheep) but do not be alarmed when you watch this video. We both get out alive.

Well that is the first job done, on with the research.

Somewhere in this field there is some Common Sorrel, finding it is the tricky bit. (it’s not yellow)

FieldAt this point I would like to tell you what a treasure my assistant is and what a great help she is when it comes to finding things but that wouldn’t be exactly true.

AssistantShe has a bit of a one track mind.

Other Things

She is good at finding some things.

I found the Sorrel.

Common SorrelBut I am not going to show you that just now. That is for another post.

Botany is hard work. These things don’t just grow on trees, you know.

I just wanted to show you what “A hard day at the office” looks like down here.

This afternoon I have to take her for a proper walk and hopefully photograph the Black Bryony and maybe get some more shots of the Spindle flowers. It is all go.

Research assistant dogI need a pay rise.

You can’t have a pay rise. What is more than nothing? More nothing?

You are rich beyond most peoples dreams.

Research assistant dogand I am mean πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “S.B.R. with Fizz (serious botanical research)”

    1. Thank you Yu/stan/kema πŸ™‚ It is beautiful at this time of year. Those fields are going to be cut soon so we will probably be visiting them again in the next day or two.


      1. Ha Ha πŸ˜€ I couldn’t possibly afford Lulu’s lifestyle. Has she actually set foot on British soil yet? I mean wet British soil πŸ™‚

        I should know the answer to that. I spent all day today catching up on other people’s blogs but not yours, I was saving the best for this evening. Unfortunately I find myself becoming inebriated and so now wouldn’t be the best time to appraise your work. There is an Australian that I know who almost certainly won’t notice the difference so I will spend the rest of the evening catching up on him and see you in the morning. All the best my friend πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Eliza πŸ™‚ When I first came here the old farmer would ask for my help to bring the sheep in. He would drive around behind them in his truck and my job was to stand in the way so that they didn’t turn. Now they come when I call them and they follow me to where ever I want them. I suppose that you couldn’t do that with a lot of sheep, we only have a few but I had thirty six following me around earlier in the year.

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