About Fizz

This is Fizz and this is her page.

FizzFizz is a Shih Tzu dog, her Latin name is Canis lupus familiaris or Canis lupus too bloomin’ familiaris as I sometimes call her. She will be three years old next September (2015).

The most important thing to know about Fizz is that she is not my dog.

Fizz and someone else. (me)She came with the flat.

I live in a granary flat in a farmhouse. The granary was traditionally a room above the kitchen for storing grain and it would have it’s own entrance. A lot of these granaries are now converted into separate accommodation. This one was originally converted to house farm workers and then when the owner retired from farming it became a holiday rental and now it is where I live. Fizz lives downstairs.

She belongs to my landlord and landlady.

She is a farm dog and so she lives outside but there is a boot room just below my flat where she sleeps.

When she is not out walking with me she spends a lot of time sitting in the garden watching my window and suggesting that we should go out and play.

Because she lives right below me she can hear me walking about and maybe I am getting ready to take her out? Well it is worth a try.

Fizz likes mud, that is just the way that it is.

Muddy FizzShe likes her ball and she likes to play.

FizzShe is not lady like, more of a tom boy and rascal.

My last dog was a German Shepherd, I would never have thought of getting myself a toy dog, I am a “big dog” kind of a fellow, quite hot on obedience and control too. Fizz doesn’t really have these qualities but she has surprised me.

She has character.

Princess FizzThe Fizz Gallery:

Fizz videos:

The Amazing Adventures of Fizz:
The Curious Case of the Hollow Holes.
Walking with Ettel.
S.B.R. with Fizz (Serious Botanical Research)


5 thoughts on “About Fizz”

  1. She is just so cute, her appearance and the way she always seems to be smiling. Cuter yet is the personalty she has. You and she each have a good companion in each other.


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