Sweet Peas?

Well they are Fabaceae (The Pea family) and they are sweet….

Bird's-foot Trefoil

Bird's-foot Trefoil

Bird's-foot Trefoil

Bird's-foot Trefoil

Bird's-foot TrefoilThis is Lotus corniculatus, the Bird’s-foot Trefoil.

There is a patch of common land between myself and the local village that is absolutely covered with this lovely little pea and it is a very special place.

This is not just a pretty little flower… It is so much more than that.

Bird's-foot TrefoilThis is the food plant for some of the most beautiful insects and it is just because of this little flower that this little patch of common will soon be the best of places.

Common Blue Butterfly It is the main food plant of the Common Blue Butterfly (Polyommatus icarus). By food plant I mean that it is one of only a few plants that the caterpillars are able to eat. So the butterfly lays it’s eggs on Bird’s-foot Trefoil. The butterfly and the flower go hand in hand.

(Female and then male pictured below)Common Blue Butterfly

Common Blue ButterflyAlso the Six-spot Burnet (Zygaena filipendulae)…

Six-spot Burnet and another little day flying moth called the Burnet Companion (Euclidia glyphica) so called because it can often be found in the company of Burnet moths.

Burnet CompanionThey are all here for the same reason, there is Bird’s-foot Trefoil growing here.

Bird's-foot TrefoilSome people view it as an invasive lawn weed and some people like astroturf. I understand that. It is not quiet or uniform and you do not have control.

The flowers bring insects and they attract birds and it can be a terrible mess of stuff going on but…

If I won the lottery this is what I would have. I would get my Mac on and I would be in my element… Taking pictures of the little animals.

Six-spot Burnet

Common Blue ButterflyAnd the good news is that nobody needs to win the lottery, you just Β have to find it. It is in the fields now πŸ™‚

Bird's-foot Trefoil

Bird's-foot Trefoil

11 thoughts on “Sweet Peas?”

  1. Lovely photographs, as always. I would hate to be the Burnet Companion, only having an identity through someone else, although I suppose being “Lauren’s Dad” for twenty years must have come close!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Some people view it as an invasive lawn weed and some people like astroturf.” – Great line and some really nice photos.


  3. Just gorgeous, Colin. I agree with you too.

    Having that little flower in my ‘back yard’ would make me very happy indeed. Great images of the blue butterfly.


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