Silverweed Flowers

In  flower today, these are very easy flowers to overlook.

Silverweed flowerThey are bright and beautiful but they are easy to lose amongst the Buttercups. They flower at the same time and very often in the same place.

Silverweed flowerYesterday I barely saw the Buttercups for the Silverweed. Seeing a meadow full of bright yellow flowers with their very distinctive foliage I knelt down and very carefully took a photograph of a Meadow Buttercup. Only then did I realise that most of the little yellow flowers in front of me were not Silverweed at all and it can work the other way as well.

Just to make that point, I have been looking through my “Silverweed” file and have found this next photograph, taken in 2011,  amongst my own pictures of Silverweed.

It is not 🙂

ButtercupThe foliage is the give away but they do tend to get mixed up.

Silverweed leafThe leaves are covered in fine hairs that give it that silvery look.

Silverweed flower

Silverweed flowerSilverweed has, in the past, been an important food source. All parts of the plant are edible but it is the root that has the most significance. I expect that you would like me to write about the real “Poor Man’s Potatoes” but the time to harvest the root is Autumn and this is Spring. We will dig some up and eat it later in the year.

Today it is flowers.

Silverweed flower

Silverweed flowerTry not to overlook this one, it is lovely.

Silverweed flower

More about the Silverweed

10 thoughts on “Silverweed Flowers”

    1. Thank you Eliza 🙂 Since I took these photographs they have been getting a hammering from the rain. I am just hoping that they will still be there when the sun comes out again and I can get a few more pictures.


      1. I have already forgotten the past. I am a gentleman of leisure with a sustainable future, looking at voluntary work on the local nature reserves and a bicycle with a basket on the front that would fit a small dog 🙂


    1. Thank you Clare 🙂 It is obvious once you know what to look for. Still those fields of yellow can take a bit of sorting out, there was even Tormentil in this field and the Bird’s-foot Trefoil has started to flower.

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